Best Air Pellet Rifle Under 200 dollars

Putting all other factors into consideration such as purpose, caliber, power etc, the cost of purchasing an air rifle matter a lot. With the unpredictable economy today, getting an air rifle under 200 dollar but still has the desired features require some effort. To save you the time of getting online searching for the best air rifle under 200, I have compile a list for you.

1. Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

This 0.177 caliber rifle delivers an amazing 1200 feet per second on its projectile. One striking feature about this rifle is its fancy looking grip. Furthermore, the rifle’s noise damper slashes down slashes down noise by 52% while still guaranteeing power.
Best Air Pellet Rifle Under 200 dollars

2. Benjamin 392

This .22 caliber rifle is suitable for target shooting but can also be used for hunting and pest control. Having been manufacture by Benjamin, quality is guaranteed. At peak pressure the rifle can easily attain 685 feet per second. Since the rifle is mostly used by target shooters where power is not necessary, air is pumped to a little lower pressure.

3. Crosman Vitro Venom Air Rifle

This versatile, .22 caliber rifle attains up to 1000 FPS while still capable of delivering 21 Foot-pound energy. It is no wonder among the top-notch air rifles under 200. The rifle has slashed down the noise by a jaw-dropping 70% and a much reduced recoil. The rifle is highly accurate and nice looking. It offers smooth cocking, which is a feature that improves the already great rifle.

4. Crosman TR77 Air Rifle Combo

At first glance it looks like a conventional firearm. This 0.177 caliber rifle delivers up to 1200 FPS on its projectile. The 4 by 32 scope comes in handy to ensure the accuracy is unquestionable, which is why the rifle is a great deal when it comes to hunting, target shooting or pest control.

5. Benjamin Trail NP All Weather Air Rifle

The break barrel, 0.177 caliber rifle gives sleek a whole new meaning. At 1200 FPS, the rifle is suitable for hunting and pest control. It comes with a scope that provides high accuracy. Additionally, the rifle is quiet, offers smooth cocking, and diminished recoil. At less than 200 dollars, this rifle will simply worth your bargain if you are looking for a break barrel rifle.

6. Benjamin 397 Air Rifle

This 0.177 caliber rifle is among the simplest air rifle in existence today. As simple as it may look, this rifle fire bolts up to 850 FPS- thanks to the pneumatic propulsion mechanism. Owing to this, the rifle is suitable for pest control, hunting and still remain relevant when it come to target shooting.

7. Daisy Outdoor Red Ryde

If you’re looking for something with less power, then Daisy Outdoor Red Ryde will certainly meet your requirements. At 350 FPS, the rifle is convenient for kids while still remaining relevant to some adults.

8. Winchester M14 Semi Automatic

As the name suggest, it is a replication of the real M14 firearm. This 0.177 caliber can propel pellets or BB ammunition to velocities of up to 700 FPS.

9. Crosman MTR77 Tactical Style Air Rifle

The nitro propulsion mechanism in this rifle, easily attain 1200 FPS on its 0.177 caliber pellets. The Crosman MTR77 combine quietness, high accuracy and power together within the same rifle, which is why its is hard to understand why the rifle is under 200 dollars.


When shopping an air rifle under 200 dollars, it is important to consider purpose, power, velocity of propulsion and lastly cost. Therefore, go for a rifle that suits your requirement and still price effective.