Best Air Pellet Rifle Reviews

Whether you are enthusiastic about hunting, target shooting or just want to keep your home safe, you’ll need a good or rather great air rifle- which is a perfect substitute to the conventional rifles. Currently, there are several types of air rifle but they share the same working principle- they use compressed air to propel a projectile. Before you shop for an air rifle, you need to know what to look in the rifle. Therefore a guide to finding the best rifle will come in handy.

1. Purpose

Different rifles are suitable for different uses, although a few can be multipurpose. A hunting rifle is different from a target practicing rifle. It therefore necessary that you shop for an air rifle that will cater for your needs.
Best Air Pellet Rifle Reviews

2. Distance from the target

Air rifles are classified from light to super magnum. If your target is (will be) within a short distance, say 100 feet, you’ll need a light magnum. When aiming targets at 150 feet, medium magnum will work well. When the target is say 200 feet away the you’ll need a high or super magnum rifle. Therefore select a rifle that correspond to your target distance.

3. Propulsion mechanism

Under this consideration, a rifle can either be gas or spring powered. When in need of accuracy, go for the gas propelled air rifle, but if you need power, then go for the spring powered air rifle.

4. Cost

How much are you will to pay for an air rifle and its accessories? You don’t need to break the bank for an air rifle. In other word go for what correspond to your pocket.
Depending on what you want, you will find the following types of air rifle in the market.

Pneumatic air rifle

This type of air rifle relies solely on air to propel the pellet towards the target. Its preparation takes quite sometime. The reason being, air needs to be pumped into the rifle’s cylinder.

CO2 air rifle

As the name suggests, the rifle makes use of pressurized carbon dioxide gas. The cartridges work as carbon dioxide tanks, but the working principle is similar to the of the pneumatic air rifle.

Spring powered air rifle

The name alone says it all. The rifle uses spring to propel its projectile towards the target. This rifle is more powerful compared to the other air rifle type. It is therefore advisable not to fire in quick succession as the recoil can be uncontrollable.
After going through a list of considerations for selecting and types of air rifles, Which are the best air rifles?

1. Crosman nitro venom dusk break barrel air rifle.

This black painted, nice looking gun is quieter than the spring powered rifle, less recoil while still offering smooth cocking. The rifle has combine power and accuracy. It suitable for both hunting and target shooting.

2. Gamo hornet air rifle

If appearance matters to you, then this rifle will certainly amaze you. At 1200 fps the rifle will satisfy your need for velocity. Not only that, the rifle is also built for high accuracy and a much reduced recoil. The rifle is suitable for both hunting and target shooting

3. RWS.22 pellet model 54

It is embarrassing to come home from a hunting expedition empty-handed just because you had an inaccurate rifle and furthermore the rifle was too loud that it scared off potential targets. To avoid such scenarios, you’ll an accurate, quite, and easy to use rifle and so you should consider RWS.22 pellet model 54.