Best Air Pellet Pistol

Most people prefer pistol to rifles. Why? They are more compact, easy to carry and use and they are fancy looking. They prove to be efficient for hunting or for pest control. Most of them are replicas of the real firearms. To understand which is the best pellet pistol, you’ll need to consider the weight of the pistol, the accuracy, the pellet speed and the cost of the pistol. Under such considerations, a few pistols made their way into the list.

1. Crosman American Classic Pump Air Pistol

This .177 caliber long barrel and stylish pistol makes use of the pneumatic system to deliver pellets at speeds of up to 600 FPS. Weighing 32 oz and 13.6 inches in length, this gadget is easy to use- offering an easy loading and smoothing cocking. The pistol offers good precision too. The pistol costs around 57 dollars
Best Air Pellet Pistol

2. Daisy Hunting Air Pistol

With the CO2 propulsion mechanism, this semi automatic pistol is versatile. At 500 FPS and 21 BBs this pistol is a force to reckon in the pellet airgun sector. Another good thing about this pistol is the capability to use both pellets and BB ammunition. When purchasing this equipment you are sure of getting three CO2 cylinders, BB tube and a shooting glasses. At 40 dollar, you can own one the Daisy pistols.

3. Gamo PT-85 Blow back Pellet Pistol

Being a product of Gamo, it is easy to understand why this pistol made to the list. This .177 caliber rifle weighs 1. 5 pounds and through its CO2 propulsion unit, it deliver pellets at velocities of up to 450 FPS. Furthermore, the knurling on the handle provides firm grip so you would have great control of the pistol. The gun is 7.8 inches long and is versatile. With the price tag read 70 dollars, this pistol is a real deal.

4. Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante

This .177 caliber revolver requires a close look so you would differentiate it from the real firearm. If you are a gun-lover hardly will you have a second though on the pellet pistol. The CO2 powered vigilante delivers a 435 FPS with its 6-inch barrel. Vigilante uses both pellets and BB ammunition. The pistol has a fully adjustable rear sight and a fixed front blade. Up to 15 yards, the pistol has a remarkable accuracy. The pistol come with a 10-shot clip for pellets and 6-shot clip for BB ammunition. At 42 dollars, you are sure to acquire one of this vigilantes.

5. Benjamin Trail NP Break Barrel Air Pistol

At 625 FPS the pistol delivers, it is easy to take care of the problematic rodent or for hunting. The nitro technology ensure that the .177 caliber rifle is 70% less quiet and highly accuracy. The Pistol is easy to load and cock thus guaranteeing a better shooting session. At 73 dollar, your sure to get the value for your money.

6. Beeman P17 Deluxe Pellet Pistol

This .177 caliber, pneumatic action pistol delivers pellets at 410 FPS, which is a good velocity for shooting needs besides having a high level of accuracy. The pistol is offers a smooth triggering experience with no recoil! No wonder it is among the most sought after pellet pistol in the market. The price of this pistol clocks between 46-48 dollars.

7. Crosman Bolt Action

If you need a cool looking pellet pistol, then look no further because the CO2 power Crosman Bolt Action befits you. This .22 caliber pellet pistol, with high precision delivers pellets at 460 FPS. This makes the pistol conducive for pest control and hunting. This model sells out at around 52 dollars.


there are a few top-notch pistols in the market currently. These models’ qualities give them an edge over other brands and models. therefore select a pistol depending on your need and how loaded your pocket is.